September 7, 2019

The Spot at East Village – 221 Stradbrook Ave – 18 storey, 145 unit apartments

Developer: Private Pension Partners
Architect: MMP Architects Inc.
Construction: Akman Construction Ltd.

145-unit residential tower with a single ground floor commercial unit and 3.5 storey, 177-stall parkade. Transit-oriented development across from Harkness Station on Stradbrook Ave near Donald St.

Status: Under construction since 2017. Expected completion spring 2020.

Replaces: Surface parking lot.

Oct 2018 view of 221 Stradbrook Ave – Current Google Street View

Plans originally included townhouse units that were removed due to the former land owner, Winnipeg Winter Club, placing a caveat on the land sale that development must include excessive parking (1.5 spots/unit) so as not to compete with their surface parking lot.

Construction photos August 2019

Source: Akman

More construction photos at Akman.


A set of dilapidated tennis courts will make way for a 146-unit apartment tower on Stradbrook Avenue following a decision by City Centre community committee.

On June 12, councillors Cindy Gilroy (Daniel McIntyre) and John Orlikow (River Heights-Fort Garry) approved site plans for an 18-storey residential complex with a three and a half level parkade at 221 Stradbrook Ave., south of the Winnipeg Winter Club.

The tower will be built at the current site of four abandoned tennis courts, formerly owned by the Winnipeg Winter Club.

According to documents submitted to the City, the building’s Stradbrook facade include street-level uses that will be visible from outside (a common area, commercial space, and stairwells) running half the length of the building. Adjacent to the parkade, a dog run, accent lighting, landscaping and seating will help diminish the view of the 175-stall structure from the street.

The overall material used for the tower is a white and dark grey ribbed concrete intended to create visual interest when coupled with a vertical LED light bar.

Source: Winnipeg Free Press – Committee approves 18-storey Stradbrook Avenue apartment tower

Plan details

Stradbrook façade

The development provides features along the Stradbrook façade designed to activate the ground level, which were discussed in collaboration with the Urban Planning Division. These include:

  • Grade-level interior active uses visible to exterior (glazed commercial space, common area, stairwells and entranceways), which collectively make up approximately ½ of the façade along Stradbrook.
  • Grade-level exterior active uses (dog run, accent lighting, seating, landscaping) which make up approximately ¾ of the length of the grade-level parkade frontage along Stradbrook.
  • Various measures to conceal view of the parking structure from Stradbrook Avenue, including:
    • Different façade components to break up the length of façade and provide a ‘rhythm’ to the building presentation.
    • Aluminum mesh screening.
    • A coloured art feature wall.
  • Various façade elements on other sides of the building, including:
    • Aluminum mesh screening.
    • Canopy and small art feature.

Façade treatment

  • The façade material for the tower will be white and dark grey coloured ribbed concrete. The Urban Planning Division supports this material as it will add texture and shadow lines tothe façade, creating visual interest.
  • The tower will contain a vertical LED feature light bar.


The space on the east side of the building contains elements which are consistent with TOD design approaches identified in the City of Winnipeg TOD Handbook. These include:

  • Grade-level interior active uses visible to the exterior (common area, bike room, lobby and entranceways).
  • Different surface treatments to define the space.
  • Architectural screening for the garbage/ recycling area


The development includes trees and substantial landscaping in the plaza and in the dog run area.

Source: City of Winnipeg – City Centre Community Committee Regular Meeting Agenda, June 12, 2018