September 15, 2019

Former Osborne Village Inn site – 160 Osborne St, 424 and 425 Wardlaw Ave – 3 Midrise Mixed-Use Buildings

UPDATED Sep 20, 2019 with additional details from Winnipeg Free Press – ‘Redevelopment of Osborne Village Inn passes first test’

Model shows the massing of three new developments (clear blocks) proposed for the site of the former Osborne Village Inn.

Model shows the massing of three new developments (clear blocks) proposed for the site of the former Osborne Village Inn. Credit: DANIELLE DA SILVA – SOU’WESTER. Source: Winnipeg Free Press

Six-storey, mixed-use, multi-family rental apartment building with 89 units at 160 Osborne St. and two four-storey, mixed-use, multi-family rental complexes with 59 units each at 424 and 425 Wardlaw Ave. for a total of 207 apartment suites.

Developer: Private Pension Partners
Contractor: Pre-Con Builders Ltd.
Architect: BLDG Architecture Office

Status: Proposed
Construction start: “as early as” summer 2020

The ground floor of the 160 Osborne St. apartment block will be reserved for commercial development, with one or two units for restaurant and retail space proposed on the west side of the building.

At both 425 and 424 Wardlaw Ave. there will be live-work units on the main level of the buildings, in addition to the 59 residential units in each.

Replaces: Osborne Village Inn & The Zoo Night Club (160 Osborne), beer vendor and 2 surface parking lots (424 & 425 Wardlaw)

160 Osborne view at July 2012 – Current Google Street View

424 Wardlaw Ave view at Oct 2018 – Current Google Street View

425 Wardlaw Ave view at Oct 2018 – Current Google Street View

Developer Private Pension Partners revealed its conceptual plans for the land currently occupied by the defunct Osborne Village Inn (160 Osborne St.), the lot immediately to the east, where the hotel’s former beer vendor stands, and the parking lot to the southeast along Wardlaw Avenue, at a community open house on Jan. 29.

The company is proposing to raze the site and build a six-storey,mixed-use, multi-family apartment building with about 100 units at 160 Osborne St.; and two four-storey, mixed-use, multi-family complexes with 60 units each at 424 and 425 Wardlaw Ave. All three buildings will have covered and underground parking and about 14,000 square feet of combined commercial space at street level.


Loepp said the residential mixed-use model is the most viable option for the properties and added that condominiums are not in the plans.

Source: Winnipeg Free Press – Developer has big plans for Osborne Village

Height restrictions: These buildings are located in the area subject to the “Osborne Village Neighbourhood Plan”. The development complies with the policy that “New development will have a minimum of two storeys and a maximum of four storeys in height in order to preserve the scale and pedestrian oriented character of this area”. 424 and 425 Wardlaw Ave both comply with this policy. At the request of the Urban Planning Division, the building at 160 Osborne is stepped back above the 4th floor “to maintain the existing Osborne ‘street wall’ height range of 2-4 storeys.”

Parking: 22 indoor bike stalls will be provided to offset the requested car parking reduction of 134 spaces instead of 171. Car parking will be underground and internal to buildings.

Restaurant: An application has been made for a restaurant exceeding 2500 square feet and live/work dwelling use at 425 Wardlaw Ave (formerly surface parking lot) and 160 Osborne St (formerly Osborne Village Inn).

Further details: Application for subdivision and rezoning as residential mixed-use (RMU) will take place at City Centre Community Committee on Sep 17, 2019. Details at Winnipeg City Clerk’s website. Preliminary drawings are available for 424 Wardlaw Ave (starting page 210) and for 425 Wardlaw Ave and 160 Osborne St (starting page 26).