Misericordia Terrace – 691 Wolseley Avenue (former Nurses’ Residence)

Description: 10 storey with 97 assisted living units. Main floor will contain resident kitchen, dining, multi-purpose, and reception areas. Bike parking will be included near the main building
entrance. This facility replaces the Misericordia resource centre, formerly Misericordia General Hospital Nurses’ Residence. See Winnipeg Architecture for building history.

: 691 Wolseley Ave
Project website/construction photos: Misericordia Terrace
Status: Under construction. Estimated duration Dec 2020—Jan 2023.
Developer/Owner: Misericordia General Hospital
Architect: Raymond S. C. Wan
Plan Approval: 691 Wolseley Ave
Seniors Housing to Replace Misericordia Resource Centre (Winnipeg Free Press)
Misericordia demolishing decades-old building to create assisted living housing for seniors (CTV News)